General terms and conditions

General conditions apply to visits to and the use of this website and other services we provide. Read the general conditions carefully before visiting the website and/or using our services.

If there are any points in our general conditions that you are unable to accept or if you have difficulty reading these general conditions, discontinue your visit to this website immediately.

This or future visits to this website and/or the use of our services implies that you fully and unreservedly accept these general conditions.

These general conditions are also available in Dutch. In the event of any departure from the Dutch general conditions, the Dutch general conditions shall prevail.

  • 1. Definitions

    • Sirius Media B.V.: the private company with limited liability, with its registered office and principal place of business at Mondriaantoren, Amstelplein 62 - 30th floor, 1096 BC Amsterdam,, tel. +31(0)207051300, registered in the Trade Register under file number 50227505, VAT-identification number NL822629847B01, hereinafter deemed to be the operator, owner and manager of this Website.

    • Account: The account that the User has made, to which the User gets access to the Member database.

    • Website: a medium for presenting information via the Internet.

    • User: the individual/person visiting this website and/or using the services or products provided by Sirius Media B.V., also referred to as 'you' or 'your'.

    • Member database: that part of the website that the user may use in return for payment and possibly by logging in. This part is shielded from visits by the public and intended for paying users or users specifically designated by Sirius Media B.V..

    • Performer content: all information that has been made available by Members through the Website, among which but not limited to: responses, likes, pictures, videos and actions behind a camera through for instance a computer.

    • Messages: the digital, shielded communication that the User can exchange with other users of the Website if he has full access to the Member database and which are visible to the User in his Account.

    • IP rights: all intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, trademark rights, database rights and related rights, and ancillary rights such as know-how and performances on a par with such rights.

    • Credit: the virtual value unit within the Member database, which the User obtains in accordance with the provisions of Article 5, and which Credits the User can use to gain full access to the Member database and thus, among other things, to send Messages and view Performer content.

  • 2. Scope and nature of conditions

    • These general conditions apply between Sirius Media B.V. and User.

    • These general conditions apply to the use of a website or service of Sirius Media B.V..

    • Order of applicability: these general conditions prevail, unless the law or European regulations, insofar as they have not yet been incorporated into local legislation are mandatory.

    • In the event of any provisions of these conditions possibly being void or voidable, the other provisions shall remain in force and the provision concerned shall be converted into a valid provision that reflects the original intention as closely as possible.

  • 3. Content and use of the website

    • This website is intended to support the use of and payment for services provided by Sirius Media B.V. through the Member database of this Website, for which the User can create an Account. After creating this Account, the User can publish Performer content (at his own risk) and exchange messages with other users.

    • The main purpose of the Website is to bring the User in contact with other users, who can subsequently communicate with each other via the Member database. The purpose of the Website is not to establish contact in person between the User and other users of the Website, the User is not prohibited from making such agreements with other users. Sirius Media B.V. does not guarantee in any way that such contact via the Website can be established in reality.

    • Use of the website and services provided via the website is open to anyone aged at least 18. If you are not yet 18 years old, object to the content of this website and/or if the user of the website or services provided is in a geographical area where access to the website or use of the services provided is prohibited, discontinue the visit to this website immediately.

    • The user may create an account by completing the registration process. When completing the registration process, users must provide up-to-date and complete information on themselves.

    • The user is not entitled to create an account for other parties, transfer an account and/or permit others to use the account. If the data on the user are for any reason no longer correct or complete, the user must amend the data to bring them up to date again. If the user provides inaccurate or incomplete personal information and if Sirius Media B.V. establishes that the information provided is inaccurate or income plete, Sirius Media B.V. may terminate or suspend the account.

    • Users are responsible for keeping their user name and password secret. The user is solely liable for any use of the account made by third parties, regardless of the way in which they gained access to the account. In the event of suspected misuse of the account, the user shall immediately notify Sirius Media B.V.

    • Sirius Media B.V. can never be held liable for the account's use or improper use.

    • Gaining unauthorised access to this website and/or the member database is a punishable offence. Sirius Media B.V. shall immediately report any suspected misuse.

    • Sirius Media B.V. strives to the best of its abilities to make the Website available in a professional manner. The Website shall be made available at all times on the basis of a best efforts obligation. User accepts that the Website contains only the functionalities and other features such as those found within the Website at the time of use (on an "as is" basis). Sirius Media B.V. explicitly excludes express and tacit guarantees, promises and indemnities of any nature with regard to the Website.

    • Sirius Media B.V. is entitled at all times, without prior publication and without in any way whatsoever to be liable or liable to the User, (the content of) the Website to adjust and/or (temporarily) terminate and to, without prior notice, maintenance regarding the Website.

    • The User is responsible for the purchase and/or adequate functioning of proper infrastructure and telecom facilities (including internet connection) that are necessary to use the Website.

  • 4. Performer Content and use of the Website

    • The User acknowledges and agrees that Performer Content that he makes available through the Website can be used by Users. You acknowledge that Sirius Media B.V. has no influence on the compliance with these terms and conditions by other Users.

    • During the visit to Sirius Media B.V. and/or use of the services, content and user information is logged. This information is necessary for the proper functioning of Sirius Media B.V. and optimizing/improving Sirius Media B.V. and/or other services from Sirius Media B.V.. This information can also be used to track down errors and/or violations of these terms and conditions, legal provisions or other matters that Sirius Media B.V. deems necessary.

    • You are not permitted to place your own Performer Content and Messages:

      1. that is deemed discriminatory inappearance, race, religion, gender, culture, origin or otherwise found offensive or inappropriate;
      2. that calls for violence against and/or harassment of another or others;
      3. that leads to or is the result of the exploitation or abuse of others, including prostitution;
      4. that violates good morals or good taste, is violent or contains a link to prostitution;
      5. in which personal details of minors are requested and/or in which personal details of others are made available;
      6. to promote or commit illegal activities;
      7. that is based on falsehoods and/or is misleading;
      8. that contains viruses, trojans, worms, bots or other software that may damage, render unusable or make inaccessible an automated work, that aim to erase or take advantage of or that are intended to bypass technical protection measures of the Website and/or the computer systems of Sirius Media B.V.;
      9. that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionate burden on the infrastructure of the Website or obstructs the functionalities of the Website;
      10. which consists of accepting a false identity and/or incorrectly suggesting that you are involved in Sirius Media B.V.;
      11. involving chain letters, junk mail or spamming and/or where passwords or other personally identifiable information is requested for commercial or illegal purposes;
      12. that is in conflict with these general terms and conditions, the Privacy Statement or any applicable laws and/or regulations;
      13. that infringes the rights of Sirius Media B.V. and/or third parties, including but not limited to IP rights or rights relating to the protection of privacy;
      14. that is otherwise unlawful in any way; or
      15. that may damage Sirius Media B.V.’s interests and good name.
    • If you believe that certain Performer Content infringes your (IP) rights, the rights of Sirius Media B.V. and/or a third party, or is otherwise unlawful, you will immediately notify Sirius Media B.V., as described in article 9.

    • In the event of violation of the provisions in these general terms and conditions, actions that are in violation of the law and/or fraud, the Account will be blocked immediately and without warning, and the membership will be terminated immediately. In this case, the purchased balance will immediately and irrevocably be nullified. The costs associated with tracing the abuse or fraud are recovered from the User. This does not affect the right of Sirius Media B.V. to recover all damage suffered and (extra) judicial costs incurred by the User.

  • 5. Credits

    • In order to gain full access to the Member database, which includes the ability to send and receive Messages and the placing of Performer content, the User must be in possession of Credits. The User can purchase Credits through the Member database. The prices of these Credits are displayed on the Website and can be adjusted by Sirius Media B.V. at any time. The payment of the Credits must be paid directly by the User through bank transfer or telephone payment. The rates shown are always inclusive of VAT and other government levies.

    • Sirius Media B.V.’s own data are decisive for the determination of the total amounts owed by the User for the purchase of the specified number of Credits, unless the User can demonstrate that these data are incorrect.

    • The number of Credits that the User owns is shown in the Account and no correspondence can be made about this number.

    • If the User Credits run out during the use of the Member database, the User must purchase new Credits before he can make full use of the Member database.

    • Credits that have been issued by the User during a (technical) fault will in principle not be refunded. In the event of a (technical) failure at Sirius Media B.V., the User may make a written request for a refund of Credits that have been issued as a result of that failure. Refunds will not be withheld on unreasonable grounds in such a case.

    • The User agrees that the agreement to deliver Credits by Sirius Media B.V. will be fulfilled immediately after payment by the User, being within the period referred to in article 6: 230o Dutch Civil Code. The User also declares, in accordance with article 6: 230p Dutch Civil Code, to waive his right to dissolve the agreement to purchase Credits as soon as these Credits have been delivered by Sirius Media B.V.. Credits are therefore not exchangeable for money.

  • 6. Guarantees and exonerations

    • The User understands and accepts that the Website is only a means to bring the User in contact with other users of the Website and to share Performer content and Sirius Media B.V. therefore makes no guarantee whatsoever regarding any result, such as the creation of a relationship or the occurrence of an appointment between the User and another User in person.

    • The User understands and accepts that Sirius Media B.V. can not influence (the content of) Accounts and Performer content of other users of the Website, other than after having received a notification referred to in Article 9, and that these Accounts only reflects the opinion respective User. The User is personally liable for any disadvantage caused by having (had) contact, or having entered into an agreement or having performed another act with a User.

    • The User is liable to Sirius Media B.V. for and indemnifies Sirius Media B.V. fully against, all claims by third parties, as well as the damage and costs that Sirius Media B.V. suffers or incurs as a result of (i) an attributable shortcoming in the fulfilment of an agreement with Sirius Media B.V. by the User, (ii) any action by the User in the use of the Website or (iii) of an unlawful act committed by the User. All costs incurred by and incurred by Sirius Media B.V. that are in any way related to such claims shall be reimbursed by the User.

    • The User guarantees to Sirius Media B.V. that he is entitled to use the Website and that he will act in accordance with these general terms and conditions and all applicable laws and regulations.

    • The User understands and accepts that Sirius Media B.V. uses third-party websites to send visitors to its Website, whether for a fee or for free. These third parties who are responsible for placing these hyperlinks are themselves responsible for the content of the website and the manner in which this third party sends the User to the Website by means of hyperlinks.

  • 7. Liability

    • The User is fully responsible and liable for all its use of the Website and all actions performed by means of his Log-in Data - including the placing of Performer content and Messages - as well as for all (consequences) of decisions and/or legal acts, which he/she makes through the Website and the User indemnifies Sirius Media B.V. from all claims of third parties in this respect.

    • Sirius Media B.V.'s liability for an attributable shortcoming in the performance of any agreement with the User, an unlawful act or any other act or omission by Sirius Media B.V., its employees or third parties engaged by it, is limited to compensation for direct damage. Sirius Media B.V.'s liability in respect of direct damage is not more than the total amount that User has paid to Sirius Media B.V. under the agreement in the six (6) calendar months per event (where a series of related events is considered as one event). prior to that event (excluding VAT). The total liability of Sirius Media B.V. is in no case higher than € 500,= (ex VAT).

    • "Direct damage" means exclusively:

      1. property damage;
      2. reasonably incurred expenses that User would have to make to ensure that Sirius Media B.V.'s performance complies with the Sirius Media B.V. agreement;
      3. expenses reasonably incurred by the User to determine the cause and extent of the damage, insofar as the determination relates to direct damage in the sense of the agreement with Sirius Media B.V.;
      4. reasonably incurred expenses to prevent or limit damage, insofar as the User can demonstrate that these expenses have led to a limitation of the direct damage in the sense of the agreement with Sirius Media B.V..
    • Sirius Media B.V. is not liable for any other damage than direct damage as described in article 6.3, including consequential loss arising from or in connection with any agreement with Sirius Media B.V., including, without limitation, loss of profit, loss of turnover, loss of expected savings and other similar financial losses. such as loss of goodwill or good name or other incidental, indirect damage, or compensation by way of penalty or example, of whatever nature, regardless of whether User has informed Sirius Media B.V. of such possible damage, compensation or loss.

    • The right to compensation for the User is always under the condition that the User reports the damage to Sirius Media B.V. in writing within 60 days of its incurrence. The User's right to claim compensation under any agreement with Sirius Media B.V., by virtue of a wrongful act or otherwise, shall in any case lapse within one (1) year after the event occurred in connection with which the claim or procedure has been instituted.

  • 8. Force majeure

    • There is no question of an attributable shortcoming in the performance of the agreement by Sirius Media B.V. in the event of force majeure.

    • Force majeure includes employee sickness and/or absence of crucial employees for the delivery of the Website, interruptions of the supply of electricity, strikes, riots, government measures, fire, natural disasters, floods, failures by suppliers of Sirius Media B.V., failures by third parties called in by Sirius Media B.V., failures in connection with the internet (whether or not due to a DDoS attack), hardware failures, disruptions in (telecommunications) networks and other unforeseen circumstances.

    • If the force majeure continues for at least thirty (30) days, Sirius Media B.V. is entitled to dissolve the agreement, without being obliged to compensate any damage in respect of this dissolution.

  • 9. Privacy

    • Sirius Media B.V. pays the greatest attention to protecting this information and shall never share it with third parties. For additional information we refer you to the privacy statement on this Website.

    • If the User processes personal data of other users and/or a third party during the use of the Website, the User is at all times responsible for this processing. User guarantees that this processing always takes place in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and User indemnifies Sirius Media B.V. from any claim by a third party in this respect. In any case, User will never use the contact details of other users of the Website for sending mailings or other unwanted messages, other than Messages via the Website.

  • 10. Handling complaints

    • Sirius Media B.V. shall deal seriously with all complaints concerning the website’s use or quality or complaints of any other description.

    • The user must send written notice of the complaint to Sirius Media B.V. by email.

    • Sirius Media B.V. shall endeavour to settle the complaint within 10 working days. Sirius Media B.V. shall notify the customer about this by email.

  • 11. Reporting unlawful information

    • Sirius Media B.V. is not liable for any damage in connection with the (unlawful) use of the Website, including the publication of Performer content. Sirius Media B.V. is only, subject to the conditions specified below, obliged to remove unmistakably unlawful material after receipt of a report or to end unmistakably unlawful activity.

    • The presence or accessibility via the Website of alleged unlawful material or alleged unlawful activity can be reported to Sirius Media B.V. via the appropriate 'abuse' button. The notification must:

      1. to contain the description and reference on the Website of the material/activity that you perceive as infringing
      2. contain a statement that, in your opinion, your (IP) rights are being infringed and why this is so;
      3. contain contact information where Sirius Media B.V. can contact you, such as your name, address, telephone number and email address;
      4. contain a statement, supported by means of proof, that the information in your report is correct and complete and that you are the person entitled to the (IP) rights concerned; and
      5. be signed by the person whose (IP) rights are infringed or the person whois demonstrably authorized to represent this person.
    • Sirius Media B.V. reserves the right to forward the report to the User who is responsible for the Performer content to which the notification relates.

    • Sirius Media B.V. reserves the right not to accept a request for blocking of material or discontinuation of an activity, if it has good reasons to question the correctness of the notification or the lawfulness of the evidence supplied or -when taking all interests into account- this is required. In that context, for example, Sirius Media B.V. may require a court decision from a competent court in the Netherlands.

    • Sirius Media B.V. shall in no way be forced to be party to a dispute between the person making the report and any third party.

    • The person who files the notification indemnifies Sirius Media B.V. against any and all claims from third parties in connection with the blocking or removal of material or discontinuation of activities. The indemnity also covers all damage and costs that Sirius Media B.V. incurs, may still incur or that Sirius Media B.V. must incur in connection with such a claim, including - but not limited to - reimbursement of costs for legal assistance.

  • 12. IP rights

    • The IP rights related to the Website, including the accessible information such as the texts, look-and-feel, template of the Account, video, audio and visual or photo material, with the exception of the Performer content and Messages, reside exclusively with Sirius Media B.V. and/or its licensor (s). Nothing in these general terms and conditions serves to transfer any IP right.

    • Subject to the conditions set out in these General Terms and Conditions, Sirius Media B.V. provides the User with a limited, personal, revocable, non-exclusive, non-sub-licensable and non-transferable right to access and use the Website.

    • The User retains the IP rights with respect to the Performer content and Messages. With the placement of Performer content and Messages, the User automatically grants Sirius Media B.V. a free, worldwide, irrevocable, sub-licensable and transferable license to use this Performer content and Messages (including publishing and reproducing) insofar as this required in the context of offering the Website.

    • The User is not permitted to sabotage or circumvent any technical and/or organizational restriction measures installed or otherwise integrated by Sirius Media B.V. on the Website. If, in any way whatsoever, Sirius Media B.V. establsihes that the User has used the Website without having purchased the required Credits, Sirius Media B.V. is entitled to charge a reasonable fee for this use, notwithstanding the other (legal) measures that is at the disposal of Sirius Media B.V. for sanctioning this unauthorized use, such as blocking the Account and/or recovering the actual damage.

    • The User is expressly not permitted to download, copy, modify, reverse engineer, publish or use any materials to which Sirius Media B.V. has IP rights other than the purposes mentioned in these general terms and conditions, unless Sirius Media B.V. has given permission for this or if mandatory Dutch law permits such use.

  • 13. Duration and termination

    • The agreement with respect to the use of the Member database is entered into between parties for an unlimited period. At any time the User can decide to stop using the Member database and delete the Account. As to which the agreement will be terminated, subject to any payment obligations of the User. Any Credits that the User still holds at the time of termination of the Account will not be refunded.

    • In addition to the other (legal) measures that are available to Sirius Media B.V., Sirius Media B.V. is entitled at all times, if it deems to have reasonable grounds, without giving reasons and without prior explanation, to limit, suspend or decommission the User's activities in connection with the Member database (temporarily), to remove the Account temporarily or permanently, to remove Performer content and Messages, to issue a warning, to terminate the service and to refuse to provide services, in particular - but not limited to this – in case:

      1. User acts inviolation of these terms and conditions;
      2. Sirius Media B.V. is of the opinion that actions of the User can cause damage or liability to himself, other users of the Website, third parties or Sirius Media B.V. itself.

      As a result, Sirius Media B.V. shall under no circumstances be liable.

    • Upon termination of the agreement between the parties, for whatever reason, the right of the User to use the Member database immediately lapses and access to the Member database is immediately denied. Upon termination, Sirius Media B.V. removes the Account and/or User Performer content and Messages placed within a reasonable period. Sirius Media B.V. remains entitled to use all Performer content that the User has placed on the Website as stipulated in article 11.3. After the end of the agreement, however, Sirius Media B.V. will, at the first request of the User, delete, erase or anonymize all Performer content that the User has posted on the Website. Sirius Media B.V. is not obliged after the termination of the agreement, to provide and/or convert any Performer content to the User.

  • 14. Miscellaneous

    • At any time, Sirius Media B.V. has the right to change its services and prices published on its Website and thereby to amend the provisions of these general terms and conditions, update them or make them more complete. It is your personal responsibility to check these terms and conditions regularly. If you continue to use the Website after the effective date of the changes, you indicate that you agree with these changes and accept them. For the User significant changes will be made known to the User via a notification on the Website. If the User does not agree with this change, he must contact Sirius Media B.V. and/or terminate his Account.

    • Sirius Media B.V. rejects any liability for any harmful consequences that may arise from the changes made to the content of the Website or the terms and conditions.

    • Sirius Media B.V. may assign the rights and obligations arising from these terms and conditions and will notify you accordingly.

    • Where parts of these general terms and conditions may be void or voidable, the remaining parts will remain in effect and the relevant part will be converted into a valid component that approximates the original intention as much as possible.

    • Dutch law applies to these general terms and conditions and the use of the Website.

    • All disputes about, arising from or arising in connection with these general terms and conditions and the use of the Website are subject to the decision of the competent Dutch court.


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